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A finest College management ERP to digitize the entire process from Admission to Alumni & manage Course, Attendance, Marks, Feedbacks, ICT activities & archive all documents for NAAC Accreditation process

Course Management

Managing Course on EIS is simple and can be designed exactly the way the Institute or University demands. One or many Courses

Students Management

From Admission to Alumni, EIS have it all covered for Students Management. i.e. Profile, Posts, Performance, Promotion & more

Attendance & Marks

One click Attendance with color indictors provide visually meaning full insights and Marks entry is the most simplest of all

Online Feedbacks

EIS allows Surveys/Feedsbacks creations for all its users. We also integrate with Google Suites to provide greater user experience

Wall Post

One stop solution for all Communication needs, Noticeboard updates, Share Youtube link, Pdfs or any resources with ease


EIS is designed to NAAC standards, so IQAC can get all the technology support that College needs for accreditation process.

EIS Users Profile


The core users are IQAC Team, EIS is in line with NAAC guidelines. It helps in Planning, Organizing and Documenting all the required activities spread under 7 categories for Accreditation process. 100s of sample SSRs also available for reference with in EIS

Principal / Super Admin

Super power is granted to these roles and still keeps the authenticity on the usage of data. Configure, Register, Customize, Assign, Reports, Evaluate, Publish are the common words used here. EIS Support team ensures round the clock help on request

Management / Faculty

Our primary users! EIS is fine tuned to keep every section for this role as simple as it can get, starting from Daily Attendance, Awards, Marks Entry, Reports and more. Faculty drives the creation of critical data for the College & We empower them additionally with Gsuite.

Student / Parent

Key Users, All the features at EIS boils down to meet & satisfy the needs of this role. Chapter tips, regular updates, News, Feedback process, Attendance, Marks, Motivation factors, ICT resource go a long way to aid in building strong learning engagement

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It's always simple and straightforward. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. EIS College ERP is Best in class @ highly competitive price, since 2010.

For other service, call us for details. We will help you get the world class Product/Service at best buy quote.

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EIS - College ERP


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Our Customers Says

EIS is an easy to use College ERP and it covers all the Modules that our institute needs. The best part is they give awesome Support. Highly recommended for Institutes who want to go Digital

Principal - GBS, HubliDr. Anilkumar Gargag

Since 2010, we are using EIS, it makes our NAAC job easy with all the Reports like Students Feedback, Attendance, Evaluation & more. I strongly recommend EIS for other colleges.

Principal - BBS, DVGDr. Tribhuvananda S

EIS makes IQAC team activities more simplified & organized. Managing data is never as easy as now with this ERP. We like SSR References, NAAC Section & ICT Resources

Prof. / IQAC - CODS, DVGDr. Sushanth


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